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A Variety of Options for the Treatment of Migraines

It goes without saying that no one would ever want to have a migraine. It is such a debilitating health condition, which has negative impacts on your quality of life and productivity. When a migraine attack is experienced, you will generally first feel severe pain on one side of your head. Soon, you will be able to feel pain on both sides. It is also usually accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to sound and light. Because it can affect the way you function, and even your relationships with other people, it is paramount to provide immediate attention by executing the most effective treatment available.

Avoidance of Migraine TriggersA Variety of Options for the Treatment of Migraines

One of the first things you can do to manage migraine is to have a thorough understanding of what triggers such. Health experts often recommend sufferers to maintain a pain and food diary. This is a journal wherein you will document what you ate, did, or experienced prior to a migraine attack, which will let you know what should be avoided next time to lessen the possibility of having a migraine. The following are some of the most common migraine triggers:

  • Skipping Meals
  • Stress
  • Minimal Sleep
  • Alcoholism
  • Hormone Changes
  • Diet
  • Medications

Medications Used for the Treatment of Migraine

Even if migraines are dreaded, if you have them, it’s not hopeless. Although studies are still ongoing to provide conclusive recommendations on what can be the best treatment option, there is an abundance of over-the-counter and prescribed medications. These medicines should be taken as soon as the symptoms begit.

While over-the-counter medications can be helpful, it is important to note they will only be effective in cases of mild to moderate migraine attacks. Aspirin and ibuprofen are some of the most common medicines you can use for treating migraine even without prescription from a doctor. Aspirin, when taken once the symptoms appear may also be effective in the treatment of severe pain resulting from migraine.

A Variety of Options for the Treatment of MigrainesThere are also some who believe that the consumption of caffeine will help in the relief of migraine pain. A logical explanation is that caffeine allows the narrowing of blood vessels in the brain, and counteracts dilation, which is the one responsible for feeling pain.

Nausea is often experienced by people who are suffering from migraine, which is why medications counteracting such are also commonly prescribed. Some of the most popular choices include metoclopramide (Maxolon), prochlorperazine (Stemetil), and domperidone (Motilium).

For more severe migrane attacks, prescription medications are more common. A good example of such would be Triptans, such as Zomif, Naramig, Maxalt, and Relpax.

The medications that have been mentioned are ideal upon the onset of the different symptoms of migraine. Nonetheless, there are also medications that are ideal to have it prevented. Most of them are those that are also used for the treatment of depression, hypertension, and convulsions.

While these medicines are promising in terms of treating and preventing migraine, it is important to note that not all of them can work for everyone. Each individual is unique, which also means that your response to these medicines may differ. To be sure, it is paramount to have professional medical consultation first to be sure what should be taken.

Top 5 Migraine Treatments for 2019

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