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The Connection Between Migraines and Depression

Migraine headaches, according to health experts, are highly influential in the onset of a variety of mood disorders, including depression. In the same way, people who are suffering from depression are also more likely candidates of migraine. The same thing also holds true when it comes to anxiety disorders. Because of the link between mood disorders and migraine, it is undeniable how such condition can be a reason for someone to lose productivity, especially at work. This also leads to a low quality of life, specifically because pain is debilitating and can affect your life in ways more than one. There are also certain studies in the past that have explored the relationship between migraine and possible substance abuse.

The Relationship Between Depression and Pain

The Connection Between Migraines and DepressionThe undeniable relationship that results from migraine and depression is possibly a result of the pain that is associated with the headaches. According to several studies, chronic migraine, which refers to a specific type of headache that is experienced for 15 days and beyond for at least three months. This is the time where patients can possibly experience an onset of depression.

While the said relationship has been asserted, there is an ongoing debate on how the two have been linked. One theory is that migraine influences mood disorders, or mood disorders influence migraines. It is also possible that there is are environmental risk factors present in the two conditions. Some are also claiming it is nothing but mere chance.

For people who are suffering from frequent migraine attacks, they have reported negative impacts, such as low quality of life, loss of productivity, and disability, among others. Those who have depression have also reported that their migraine attacks are more frequent and painful. More so, another finding is that those who are suffering from migraine headaches with aura are more likely to be depressed than those who suffer from migraine headache without aura. Because of this relationship, doctors often first diagnose their patients if they have chronic migraines to also determine if they are suffering from depression.The Connection Between Migraines and Depression

Treating Migraine

Because of the possibility that migraines can lead to depression, it is important to quickly take advantage of the treatment options available to avoid such from escalating into a worse condition. One of the most common choices would be anti-depressants.

Doctors often recommend taking Triptans and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. Nonetheless, you should observe caution as these two medications should never be taken in combination with each other as doing so can be fatal. When it comes to generic Triptans, according to Consumer Reports, the most effective is Sumatriptan, which is based on the feedbacks of those who have taken such in the past.

Nonetheless, while Triptans are known for alleviating the pain associated with migraine attacks, they do not help in their prevention. In this case, you might want to consider taking beta blockers, which are known for prevention of migraine attacks.

In addition, aside from medications, you should also avoid caffeine, alcohol, and artificial flavorings in your diet as they have the reputation of being migraine triggers.

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