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Keeping a Diary to Manage Migraine Attacks

Having a migraine attack is something no one ever looks forward to because it can be very debilitating. It is going to have negative impacts on your life in more ways than one, such as with regards to your productivity at work or your relationships with other people. Because of this, there are different suggestions on how you can manage every migraine attack, making sure it is going to be less painful. Among other solutions, one that is most promising is the use of a migraine diary. This will help you to keep track of your migraine attacks, which can be used to lessen the frequency and pain of migraine.

Keeping a Diary to Manage Migraine AttacksWhat Exactly is a Migraine Diary?

If you are on the lookout for a simple yet effective way to manage migraine attacks, keeping a diary is one of the things you should do. This is going to function like a journal, wherein you will list down when you last had a migraine attack.

For instance, if you had it last weekend, just note it down. More than the timing, it is also important to write what happened prior to the attack, such as the food you ate or any physical activity you have done.

Your migraine diary will not be only for your personal use. It can also be presented to your doctor once you have a professional medical consultation. This will help the doctor to recommend what things should be done to lessen both the frequency and the pain associated with migraine attacks.

How To Do It

There are different ways by which you can maintain a migraine diary, your choice of which will basically just differ with personal preferences. A good way to do it, however, is to print out a calendar on a piece of paper. On the top, label it with the corresponding month.

Keeping a Diary to Manage Migraine AttacksThere should be at least 31 rows or boxes, which will correspond the number of days in a month. Once you have a migraine attack, look for the box with the day of the attack and list down all of the things that happened. Because space is minimal, you can consider using abbreviations. Under Symptoms, use V if you experienced visual distortions, V30 if the visual distortions lasted for more than half an hour, N if you felt nauseous, and L if you felt you have been sensitive to light.

Aside from symptoms, each date should also have a portion for listing medications. Take note of all the medicines you took during the attack. You can also use abbreviations to make it easier to have the information fit in the available space.

Another important thing to do in your migraine diary is to rate the severity of the attack or of the pain you felt during the attack. Score it numerically with one being the mildest and 10 being the most severe. Along with the rating, take note as well of how long it lasted.

With a migraine diary, you will be able to document every attack that happened. This will make it possible to know the triggers of the attack, as well as what can be done to fix the problem.

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