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Medication Options for Migraines

When you have a migraine, you will surely have a bad day as the pain associated with such can be debilitating. It will have a negative impact on your life in ways more than one. If you are at work, this can be a reason for you to not function properly, especially from a mental standpoint. If you are at home, you may end up being irritable, and hence, affecting your relationship with your family. Because of this, there is no wonder why people are still searching for the best migraine treatment available. In spite of the countless studies completed in the past, it is still unclear what treatment options will prove to be the best. Nonetheless, there are several medications that can help in the alleviation of the pain that is felt and can also lessen the frequency of the attack.

Medication Options for MigrainesAnalgesics

Amongst the different migraine medications, analgesics are amongst the most popular. By acting as painkillers, analgesics reduces the mental perception of the attack by being able to cause numbness on the area that is affected. Most of them can be purchased over-the-counter without being prescribed by a medical professional. Nonetheless, to be able to enjoy a higher level of effectiveness, as health experts would suggest, it would be best to be taken in liquid or soluble form as this can be easily absorbed by the body.

Analgesics are part of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which tackles inflammation as a way of treating migraines.

The following are some of the most common examples of analgesics:

  • Aspirin: Some of its most popular brand names include Bayer, Ecotrin, and Bufferin. This is the most common choice amongst people who are looking for pain-relievers and targets inflammation. Nonetheless, there are possible side effects, including gastrointestinal bleeding and heartburn, among others.
  • Paracetamol: The main difference between paracetamol and aspirin is the fact that it does not contain anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very easy to obtain as no prescription will be needed, similar to aspirin.
  • Combination Analgesics: As the name implies, this type of medication is a mixture of two different medications, which complement each other to deliver a higher level of effectiveness. The most common type of combination analgesics are caffeine and codeine.

Medication Options for MigrainesTriptans

This is another popular option for medications that are meant to treat migraines. Triptans work by being able to narrow the blood vessels in the head and blocking the transmission of pain. The problem with these medications is that they cannot be easily purchased as you will need medication from a doctor. Currently, the following are some of the Triptans available in leading pharmacies:

  • Almotriptan
  • Eletriptan
  • Frovatriptan
  • Naratriptan
  • Zolmitriptan

According to several studies that have been completed in the past, Triptans are very effective in the treatment of migraine headaches. In 80% of situations, taking this medication will help in alleviating the pain within two hours. In some instances, a second dose will be required if the headache and the pain does not subside. Prior to taking the medicine, it is important to consult with a doctor as this is not recommended for women who are pregnant or for those who have prevailing cardiovascular problems.

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