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Migraine Home Remedies For Instant Relief

Millions of people worldwide suffer from migraines.  Migraines range greatly in severity. When a migraine is mild, the pain may be nothing more than an annoyance. When a migraine is severe, it can inhibit your focus and concentration and at certain times, you might find it hard to do your job at work. For most people, the pain associated with migraines is not permanent and it will dissipate after several hours. There are many suggested remedies that you may use to try to get some quick relief. Read on to learn more.

Migraine Home Remedies For Instant ReliefTip 1: Get some rest. Very often, stress is the main cause of migraines. When you are experiencing a good amount of stress and you begin to suffer from migraine headaches, the first logical thing  you need do is try to find a way get proper rest and insert some relaxation to your life. Make sure to take the day off without phone calls or meetings. Consider doing something peaceful such as taking a nice bubble bath and lying down. Mediation and naps are also good tools.

Tip 2: Consider getting a massage. A head massage can often provide for instant relief. You can do this yourself or find someone to help you. The effectiveness of a massage should not be underestimated.

However, make sure to get a gentle massage as opposed to a vigorous one. The idea is to increase blood circulation and help with healing. As an added bonus, a quick massage gives you a short break from work, which is exactly what you need to get relief from migraine headaches. As mentioned above you always can try a self-massage on your head. This may equally beneficial.

Migraine Home Remedies For Instant ReliefTip 3: Hydration is key.  Drink lots of plain water! Migraines can be caused by over-exposure to heat or dehydration. You may not actively notice this when you are in the sun but, when you get back home you can start to feel discomfort in your head. This is the main sign of dehydration. To make sure that this does not happen you should always consume water on a regular basis. You should be extra mindful of your hydration on warm days. On hot days, due to the heat, your body loses water much faster than normal.

Tip 4: Apply medicated oil. Many homeopathic oils like peppermint relieve aches and pains. They are usually applied externally on areas where the pain is felt.

Applying the oil has the same effect as giving a massage. You are essentially using oils to promote blood circulation. The gentle rubbing movements of the fingers also create heat, which can also help relief pain.

Tip 5: Compression techniques. There is not scientific evidence to support this but there are people who suggest using fruit or vegetable paste to apply on the head. These methods probably work because of the pressure you apply on the painful areas.

In conclusion, migraine headaches are both treatable and preventable. Drink lots of water, get lots of rest, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly to and you will help prevent your migraines.

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