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Migraine Prevention

Millions of people worldwide suffer from migraines.  Migraines are long lasting and painful headaches that can last for days.  They may affect the entire body and interfere with your ability to function in your daily life. They are not like typical headaches. More women than men suffer from migraines.

Migraine PreventionUnfortunately there is no guaranteed method for preventing migraines. However if you do experience unpleasant migraines, try discovering your individual triggers and avoiding them in order to eliminate or at least lessen the number of migraines you experience. Many professional recommend keeping a headache journal.  You should keep track of everything you did before, during and after your treatment. Establishing migraine prevention methods may also help you have  less severe and shorter headaches. If you do not have as many headaches you will not need as much medication and therefore may also be able to prevent rebound headaches caused treatment medication.

Lifestyle Adjustments

If you your doctor identifies you are suffering from migraines, you should consider taking control of the situation by identifying your headache triggers and avoiding them. There are several methods for accomplishing this. Read on to learn more.

Follow a Strict Sleep Schedule

Make sure to have the same bedtime and wake time every day, including weekends. Too much or too little sleep may trigger a migraine.

Eat on a Scheduled Basis

Skipped meals or low blood sugar are common migraine triggers.

Consume Lots of Water

Dehydration due to too little water consumption may cause migraines.

Migraine PreventionIdentify and Eliminate Food Triggers

Food triggers vary from person to person, but common triggers include:

  • MSG
  • Processed or cured meat products
  • Dried Fruits containing sulfates
  • Certain cheese
  • Red wine and other alcoholic beverages
  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Skip the gym if you are experiencing a migraine. It may make symptoms worse. Aside from that try regular moderate exercise to relieve stress.

Limit Hormonal Therapies or Medications Containing Estrogen

Hormones in contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy medications prescribed for menopause may trigger migraine headaches. Let your doctor know If you’re currently using these types of medications.

Stress Reduction

There are so many methods readily available to relieve stress. The following are just a sample of suggestions for stress reduction methods:

Migraine PreventionCognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) — CBT is a form of psychological treatment that teaches patients to recognize and cope with sources of stress in their lives.

Massage — This can reduce muscle tension, encourage relaxation, and improve sleep.

Biofeedback — This is a method that can teach you to watch and monitor your biological responses. This method was once thought of as an alternative treatment, however many studies have demonstrated that it really works well especially for migraine treatment.

Relaxation Therapy — Some examples of techniques include visualization, controlled breathing, and cognitive muscle relaxation which involves tightening and releasing  various muscles in a specific order.

Drugs & Medications

Drugs, medications and herbal supplements are always options for migraine treatment.  Make sure to conduct careful research before selecting a supplement.

Top 5 Migraine Treatments for 2019

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MIGRAINE Treatments

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