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Migraine Types

Even though millions of people suffer from migraines, they are somewhat of a mystery. The truth is that the actual reason for migraines is not completely understood. For many years, a theory was that problems with veins (blood vessels) in the head caused migraines. This theory has been disproven recently.  Recently, scientists have discovered that migraines are, more likely rooted in a central nervous system problem and are more than just a blood vessel constriction issue.

Migraines are Complicated Headaches

Migraine TypesThe order and reactions of chemical and physiological events associated with the brain that lead to migraine headaches are still not very clear or well-understood. However, several things are known. One thing that scientists do understand is that something causes or triggers a series of biochemical events that may cause inflammation and over stimulation of the trigeminal nerve, a main pathway that controls feeling in the face and head. This over stimulation may spread to other nerves located in the meninges—the protective membrane covering the brain.  This often leads to severe discomfort and migraine symptoms.

Types of Migraines

Let’s take a look at the ten types of migraines people experience.

1. Common Migraine

As the name implies, this is the most common kind of migraine headache which is experienced by people. Approximately 80 percent of migraine patients fall into this category. This kind of headache does not typically include an aura. Symptoms that may be experienced include: mood swings, tiredness, stress, and mental confusion.

2. Classic Migraine

This type of migraine occurs in about twenty percent of all migraine patients. Auras most usually happen prior to a headache but can also happen during or after a headache.

3. Menstrual MigraineMigraine Types

As the name implies, this kind of headache directly corresponds to changing levels in hormones during a woman’s period. Approximately 60 to 70 percent of female migraine sufferers notice a correspondence between their migraine headaches and their period.

4. Abdominal Migraine

This is a period of medium to heavy abdominal pain. The episode may include nausea, or throwing up for up to 72 hours. This is most commonly seen in children.

5. Retinal Migraine

This is also called an ocular migraine. These migraines involve a frightening but, fleeting partial or total loss of sight in one eye. This may last for about an hour.

6. Familial Hemiplegic Migraine

This is a very rare hereditary problem triggered by one of several chromosomes. One portion of the body can have motor paralysis or go numb during this type of migraine headache. Luckily, it is temporary.

7. Basilar Artery Migraine

This kind of migraine shows itself as a headache, usually in the rear of the head, and is accompanied by an aura.

8. Ophthalmoplegic Migraine

This is a very rare type of migraine that definitely requires hospital treatment. During this experience your eyes are unable to move due to a partial or complete paralysis in nerves required for eye movement.

9. Status Migrainosus

This is a rare situation marked by an extremely bad headache that lasts more than 3 days. Hospitalization is usually required to relieve symptoms.

10. Transformed or Chronic Migraine

This migraine shows itself as a chronic daily headache. It is very challenging to treat.

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