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Understanding Someone Who Is Suffering From Migraines

People who have migraines are aware of the pain associated with its attacks. However, for people who do not experience migraine, it is somehow hard to understand the pain they are going through. If you have a loved one who has migraines, you should be understanding and you should also try and learn what causes these awful headaches. In this way, you can help to make the person feel better even in the simplest ways. A migraine can make someone turn 360 degrees from a completely happy to a very sad person because of how painful it is.

How Migraine Pain Affects a Person

Understanding Someone Who Is Suffering From MigrainesAlthough there is still no conclusive findings on the causes of migraine, health experts agree that it can be triggered by external factors like exposure to excessive light and noise, diet, stress, genes, and hormonal changes, among others. Once an attack has been triggered, it will result into what seem like an extreme headache, which is quite hard to determine weather it is just a regular headache or already a migraine attack.

During episodes of migraine, the resulting pain can make a person irritable and less productive, especially when such happens within the work setting. Depression is also common. With migraine attacks, all of your plans can be affected, such as for travel and work. This can also negatively affect relationships, especially when the other person cannot be patient enough to understand what is being experienced by the individual with migraine.

How You Can Help

Understanding Someone Who Is Suffering From MigrainesAs a person who care for someone who is having migraine attacks, the best thing you can do is to ensure being provided with adequate medication. Some might settle to what they found over the internet or what has been recommended by a friend.

Nonetheless, while they can prove to be effective, your body might have unique needs. In this case, a better thing to do is to consult with a doctor. Here, a series of tests will be done and you will be prescribed with the treatment option that can possibly work best for you.

In addition, consulting with a doctor once will not be enough. You can help the other person by convincing him or her to have checkup again. This is because from time to time, there are new developments, and hence, doctors might be able to prescribe more effective medications, which may have not been around before.

More so, you should also encourage the person to have a healthier lifestyle. This will involve doing regular exercises and being engaged in a healthy diet. Being healthy will also require the need to avoid being stressed.

Doctors would also often recommend having a headache diary. This is a journal wherein the person will note down what happens prior to a migraine attack, such as food that has been eaten or the scent that has been smelled. As a friend, you can contribute in recalling what these triggers possibly are. In the future, those that have been listed in the journal can be avoided to lessen the likelihood of suffering from migraine attacks again.

Top 5 Migraine Treatments for 2019

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