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What Triggers Migraines And How You Can Avoid Them

In spite of the prevalence of migraine as a health problem, many of its causes are not fully understood. Nonetheless, there are some conditions that are known to trigger such, making the pain worse. Experts in the field of medicine know what these triggers are and how exactly the likelihood of having migraines can be lessened.

Common Triggers of Migraine

The following are some of the many factors that can possibly lead into migraine:

  • What Triggers Migraines & How You Can Avoid ThemChanges in Sleep Pattern: This is not just all about having too little of sleep, as sleeping too much can also be a trigger.
  • Anxiety and Stress: Being mentally and emotionally drained is also considered to be a common precursor of migraine.
  • Medicines: Vasodilators, birth control pills, and other types of medications can lead into migraine as one of their most common side effects.
  • Odor: The stinking smell of cigarette smoke or the pungent aroma of a perfume can also cause migraine attacks.
  • Diet: It is important to watch what you eat because food plays a significant role in migraine attacks. One that should be avoided is aspartame, which is a common substitute for artificial sugar. You should also deviate from foods with tyramine, with the most common examples of such being aged cheese, and hard sausages, among others.
  • Hormonal Change: Hormonal changes or imbalance, especially amongst women, has also been tagged as a major trigger for migraine. In the same way, hormonal medications can make the condition turn worse.
  • Physical Activities: Being engaged in physically demanding activities, such as sports and exercise, can also trigger migraine attacks.What Triggers Migraines & How You Can Avoid Them

Other Factors

Aside from those that have been mentioned above, the following are some of the other factors that can trigger migraine:

  • Genes: According to several studies in the past, migraine can also be hereditary. In fact, 90% of people who experience migraine attacks also have a family history of such health condition. If there is someone from your family who has migraine, you are a most likely candidate for such as well.
  • Age: Most of the migraine attacks are first experience during the stage of adolescence.
  • Gender: 70% of people who have migraine are women. For children, on the other hand, more boys are being affected. The switch to another gender happens during puberty.
  • Weight: Obese women going to be more at risk of migraine as against people who have healthier weight.

Minimizing Triggers

Now that you know all about migraine triggers, your next concern is to avoid them as much as possible. You will not be able to avoid some of these factors, such as genes, old age, among others. One of the things you can do is to carefully pick the foods you consume. In addition, you should also avoid too much stress with work, family, or school. If you feel stressed, take time to have a break. You should also carefully plan your daily routine and make sure it is never going to be stressful on your part. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to still have professional consultation to learn more about how the triggers can be avoided.

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