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4head QuickStrip Migraine Review

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This is a review of the 4head QuickStrip Migraine medication. The 4head QuickStrip is a patch that claims to provide relief from the pain of a migraine at the point of the pain. Read on to find out if the 4head QuickStrip is right for you and your migraine symptoms.


The only listed ingredient for the 4head QuickStrip is levomenthol. Levomenthol is the generic name for Happinose which is a medicine traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion that may arrive with the common cold or hay fever. Levomenthol creates a cooling sensation.

No other ingredients are listed by 4head QuickStrip


Make sure the skin on the area you will place the strip is dry before applying and try to avoid contact with hair. Remove and discard the transparent strip on the back of the 4head QuickStrip and then apply the strip to the affected area as long as you need to. Ideally, each strip should only be used once.

The strips are not subject to the same dosing limitations that are associated with other common migraine relief products and so it is safe to use whenever you have a migraine on adults, the elderly and children over the age of 12.

Possible Side Effects

There are possible side effects when using this product including faint skin redness and the cooling system feeling intense. It may also result in the mild watering of the eyes. If you feel itching or swelling, you probably have a skin allergy and you should remove the strip immediately.

If the product is used to often, you may find skin irritation at the site in which case you should use the product less frequently.

It is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

4head QuickStrip has not been reported as interacting with any other medicines.

If you are allergic to the active ingredient (levomenthol) do not use this product.

Keep the strip away from the eyes, nose and mouth and make sure that you do not apply the strip to areas where the skin may be broken or already irritated.

If you feel any side effects that are unreported by 4head Quickstrip stop use immediately and tell your doctor if the side effects become serious.


4head QuickStrip is available from high street shops and supermarkets in the United Kingdom. The price of the strips at Boots is £3.59 and the box includes four strips which is four doses.


4head Quickstrip does not offer a guarantee and does not sell their products directly from their website. The guarantee will be a result of whichever shop you choose to purchase the product from. 4head Quickstrip does not provide any reviews or feedback on its site.


4head Quickstrip is designed to leave a cooling sensation on the site of headaches as well as provide muscle relaxation in your neck. It is safe to use for ages 12 and up and has few potential side effects other than irritated skin and does not interact adversely with any medications. The company does not offer any guarantee on its product because this will be set by the individual retailer that you purchase the products from.

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