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Clinicians Natural Health Supplements MigraDol Review

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This is a review of Clinicians Natural Health supplement, MigraDol. The manufacturer of this product claims that this supplement will lessen the symptoms of tension headaches by creating an increase in circulation and blood vessel health. Read on to learn more about the product and to see if MigraDol is a good supplemental option for the reduction of your headaches.


Vitamin B2 can possible assist in the turnover of energy production which, in turn, supports the growth of healthy blood vessel tissue in the head. Increasing the amount of magnesium in your diet can decrease tissue irritability and may promote smoother muscles contractions while reducing muscle spasms. Magnesium promotes energy production which increases circulation and blood vessel health. Low magnesium may promote muscle contractions associated with painful headaches.

Other secondary ingredients include magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Please note that this supplement is contained within a gelatin capsule. It does not contain any gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.


For adults, the recommended dosages is three capsules daily with food. This product is not recommended for children.

While this product seems to have enough active ingredients to lessen the symptoms of a tension headache, the supplement’s effectiveness can be increased with a healthy lifestyle and by staying away from trigger foods such as alcohol, caffeine, dairy, or refined sugar. Stress can also increase the frequency and pain associated with¬†headaches.

Possible Side Effects

Vitamin B2 can cause a harmless change in urine color. Generally speaking, the color changes from light yellow to a more intense shade. The effect should disappear 24 hours after discontinuing the use of this product.

High dosages of magnesium can loosen bowel movements. If the bowel movements are uncomfortable, a lower dosage is recommended.


MigraDol can be found at most health supplement stores and vendors. It can also be purchased online. Generally, a bottle containing 60 capsules costs $25.


Currently, Clinicians Natural Health does not offer a money back guarantee on this product, calling into question its effectiveness. Generally speaking, the small amount of reviews associated with this product are positive. While most customers do not cite a complete loss of headache pain, they do seem to associate a lessening of frequency with a regular dosage of this product.


Overall, MigraDol seems like a promising product. The active ingredient list is short and effective and their product isn’t mixed with strange secondary ingredients. The cost is reasonable, the reviews are decent, and people who suffer from allergies will probably to able to use this product without concern. Taking supplements without consulting your doctor is always a risk. This product is not created in a GMP-approved facility and must be taken with great consideration and with medical supervision. MigraDol does not have a money-back guarantee which does throw up several red flags. If you are suffering from intense headaches that are already being treated medically, there is no information on this product’s effectiveness in conjunction with other prescribed treatments.

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