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Dr. Garland’s Migraine Support Review

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This is a review for Dr. Garland’s Neuropathic Therapies Migraine Support. The manufacturer claims that this product relieves pain and prevents headaches and migraines from occurring in the first place. The way it is claimed to do this is by alleviating constriction in the brain using natural, herbal ingredients.

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  • Feverfew Extract (400 mg) – This is an herb commonly used to prevent headaches and migraines.

The inactive ingredients include cellulose, gelatin, silica, magnesium stearate, and stearic acid which are used to create the outer coating of the capsule. It is also stated on the nutrition label that there is no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, starch, gluten, corn, soy, or preservatives in this product.


The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule as necessary throughout the day, not exceeding six capsules in a 24 hour period. It is also recommended that this product is ingested with food. There are 100 capsules per container.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects listed, but it is recommended that pregnant and nursing women do not take medication containing Feverfew, as well as children under the age of two.


The manufacturer’s website had this product listed for $26.95 for a bottle of 100 capsules. Consumers who become a preferred member can get the product at a discount for only $18.97 a bottle. A $10 discount can be applied to any purchase for those customers who refer a friend to the manufacturer’s website.


This product does not have a satisfaction guarantee, but the return policy states that if the product is returned new and unopened within 30 days then a full refund will be given. There are only 2 customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website and both of them give the product 5 out of 5 stars. One customer claims that the migraines are few and far between since taking Dr. Garland’s Migraine Support supplement.


The product only contains one ingredient and it is a well-known, natural homeopathic herb. This is a positive attribute, because there are not a lot of hard to understand ingredients present in the product and the consumer will know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Also, for 100 capsules this is a well-priced, affordable supplement that has the option to be purchased at a discount. The only red flag is that the manufacturer’s website states that the product is out of stock and that the formula has been discontinued, so this product is probably hard to find. They do, however, offer a replacement, but the fact that this product’s formula was discontinued could be unsettling for some customers. Overall, it is up to the customer to determine whether or not this product is right for them.

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