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Hashmi Migrokill Migraine Capsule Review

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This is a review for Hashmi Migrokill Migraine Capsule Treatments. The manufacturer claims that this product treats and prevents migraines naturally with zero side effects. It also allegedly works as a dietary supplement that improves blood flow and boosts overall health.

Continue reading for more information about the product and to see if Migrokill is the right option for you.



  • Withania Somnifera – also known by the name Ashwaghanda, the roots and berries of this plant contain calming chemicals that are used to reduce swelling and inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improve the immune system.
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra – more commonly known as licorice, this plant is most often used for flavoring. Medicinally it is used to reduce inflammation, treat dermatological disorders, and prevent damage to the liver through hepatoprotection.
  • Acorus Calamus – this plant is commonly used in herbal medicine practices for its diuretic, laxative, and sedative properties.
  • Centella – benefits of this plant include increased vitality and concentration, better circulation, lower blood sugar, and arthritis relief.

There are no inactive or secondary ingredients listed for Migrokill.


The manufacturer’s recommended dosage is one capsule twice a day.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer asserts that because Migrokill is 100% natural there are no risks or side effects while taking this supplement.


Purchasing Migrokill directly through Hashmi’s website requires payment in Indian currency. The price is listed as $70. This is for one bottle containing 20 Migrokill capsules. After further research, we could not find any information regarding discounts or other forms of payment.


The manufacturer says that this product is “clinically proven” and “effective”, but there is no evidence to support this claim. There is no promise or guarantee of satisfaction found on the manufacturer’s website, but the return policy states that if you are not satisfied with the product you must contact Customer Service and they will give you 14 days to return the item for a refund or an exchange. The only requirement is that the item must be unused and in its original packaging or they will not accept the merchandise. There is not a lot of information given regarding testimonies other than the manufacturer’s description claiming that millions of people have been helped by using Hashmi Migrokill. There are no customer reviews for this product.


Hashmi Migrokill Migraine Capsule Treatments appear to be a good organic alternative to conventional medicine. The all natural ingredients and lack of side effects will appeal to many people. The checkout process may be confusing for those who are not familiar with Indian currency or money conversion, and the absence of customer reviews and product guarantees is disconcerting. At $70, this product is costly, especially when considering shipping charges and the fact that at a recommended dosage of two capsules per day you are only getting ten days’ worth of product. Depending on your personal needs and preferences this product may or may not be for you.

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