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Health First, LLC Advanced Migraine Formula Review

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This is a review of Health First, LLC’s Advanced Migraine Formula supplements. The manufacturer of this product claims that their capsule is a natural health breakthrough that has been designed to assist a patient’s body in the organic process of managing their headaches. It also promises a long-term solution for those who suffer from chronic migraine patterns. Read on to learn about Advanced Migraine Formula’s ingredients and to see if this supplement is a good fit for your health-related needs.


    • 200 mcg Riboflavin Vitamin B2 which helps break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy. This process increases the production of red blood cells which, in turn, promotes cardiovascular health. Because of this, Riboflavin decreases the likeliness that brain tissue and cranial muscles will contract into pain-inducing headaches. In the short term it ensures that enough blood reaches the cranial muscles to relieve migraine symptoms.
    • 2000 IU Vitamin D which is used for a variety of circulatory-related illnesses. It regulates minerals and other vitamins in the body and, with an addition of natural light, reduces stress-triggers that are associated with migraine headaches.
    • 400 mg Calcium Citrate which protects the body against calcium-induced headaches by responding to bone and tissue ailments that could cause a migraine.

Other Ingredients include Stearic acid and gelatin. Please note that this supplement is yeast, wheat, corn, dairy, soy and gluten free.


The manufacturer suggests taking two capsules two times per day on an empty stomach. The product can be followed with food. The bottle should be stored in a cool and dry place. It has a shelf-life of three years.

Possible Side Effects

Patients taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil or Motrin should use Advanced Migraine Formula with the consultation of a doctor. In some cases, the combination of medications can cause gastrointestinal issues. As with any medication, allergies and effectiveness will vary from person to person. If there are negative reactions associated with the supplement the customer should desist use.


Advanced Migraine Formula is sold for $45.00 on Health First, LLC’s online shop. The bottle contains 60 capsules.


Health First, LLC does not provide customers with a product guarantee. However, if your product does not arrive or arrives damaged, you can fill out a claim and it will be handled accordingly.


Health First, LLC comes across as a very organized and legitimate supplement provider. They are transparent, inform their customers about ingredients and possible side effects, and strive to naturally source their product. They have many positive reviews that cite their product’s effectiveness in reducing and alleviating headaches. All of the items in this particular supplement are known and testedĀ migraine treatment options. This company does not guarantee their products which does call into question its overall effectiveness. In terms of available treatment options, this migraine supplement runs on the pricier side. The side effects might also be hard to monitorĀ if a patient is already exhibiting headache symptoms that would mirror an allergic reaction.

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