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Homeocan Headache and Migraine Caps Review

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This is a review of Homeocan Headache & Migraine Caps. It is a homeopathic remedy to relieve headaches and migraines. It uses all natural ingredients to alleviate the pain from headaches and migraines in adults and children. Read on for more information on this particular supplement.


• Glonoinum- This is a natural form of nitroglycerin. This opens up the blood vessels which results in an increase of blood to the brain which helps to alleviate headaches.

• Antimonium crudum- This aids in nausea and vomiting which often times accompanies headaches or migraines

• Cyclamen europaeum- This helps with digestive problems as well as mood.

• Alumina- This mineral has antacid effects

• Lycopodium clavatum- It can help a variety of ailments including anxiety

• Argentum nitricum- This is known to treat anxiety and nervousness

• Digitalis purpurea- It can control your heart rate which has an effect on the amount of blood that reaches the brain

• Melilotus officinalis- This compound also improves blood circulation.


It comes in a pellet form and states that once the headache begins, if you put two or three pellets under the tongue, you will get relief. It is recommended for children over 2 as well as adults. The dosage starts at 2 pellets for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Once you are over 12, it is suggested to take 3 pellets. It also says to take these pills up to three times daily until pain subsides. Many people find relief after taking the medication continually after a day or so. Some have stated that the pain will usually increase if medication is not taken, but when they have taken this, the pain subsided instead of getting worse. The only restriction seems to be is to take them on an empty stomach.

Side Effects

The website does not list any side effects from the supplement. It does indicate that it is 100% natural and 100% safe.


After searching the internet, there was a website that sells the product to Canadians only. The price is $7.49 from also sells the product in the US for $7.99 for 80 pellets. After searching for other sites that carry these pellets, there are other discounts available depending on which site you choose. You can find better prices by spending a little time to research the different sites.


There is no guarantee listed on the website. I am sure the standard guarantee apply from the sites that you purchase the product from for instances of damages or errors. There was a positive customer review on as well as numerous reviews on the Canadian website.


Homeocan Headache & Migraine Caps seem to be effective to most people who have tried them. The website promotes a homeopathic approach to reducing and eliminating pain associated with headaches and migraines. The product does not offer any guarantees that they are effective and it was difficult to find a lot of information on this product. Because of the lack of information, I would be concerned that this product may not be the best choice.

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