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Kobayashi’s Kool ‘n’ Soothe for Migraine Review

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This is a review for Kobayashi’s Kool ‘n’ Soothe for Migraine Relief. The manufacturer claims that Kool ‘n’ Soothe is a hypoallergenic, non-medicinal product that can relieve migraine-related symptoms. They also assert that their gel strips can last for up to eight hours. Read more to learn about Kool ‘n” Soothe’s ingredients and to see if it is the right migraine treatment option for you.


The makers of Kool ‘n’ Soothe do not disclose all the ingredients in their treatment strips. They do assert that the strip is mostly composed of water. (Their website details that each strips is roughly 70% water.) The water works with the body’s natural cooling system. As the surface temperature of the skin rises, the heat causes the water in the gel sheet to evaporate which in turn causes a cooling sensation on the skin. The heat transfer makes the structure of these gel strips unique as the heat disperses a steady and constant cool to the troubled area. It can be assumed that the strip will not last eight hours if the skin is particularly hot for a longer period of time.


Kool ‘n’ Soothe is applied to the skin. It is not to be ingested. To use a gel sheet, removed the transparent film from the back and place the product directly to the forehead or back of the neck. The strip can be cut to a desired size. For best results, each gel sheet should be used only once.

Possible Side Effects

Kool ‘n’ Soothe does not have any severe side effects. If a user already has sensitive skin, the adhesive could cause irritation. Kool ‘n’ Soothe is safe for children and pregnant or nursing mothers.


A box of four Kool ‘n’ Soothe strips is $5 plus shipping and handling. It should be noted that this is an Australian product thus shipping this product could be very expensive.


This manufacturer does not offer a money back guarantee on any of their products. The do not have public record of their lost or damaged items policy either. This may suggest that the manufacturer is not complete convinced of their products effectiveness.


Kobayashi’s Kool ‘n’ Soothe for Migraine relief strips are an excellent additive to a larger migraine treatment plan. They are not meant to eradicate headaches – they’re only meant to treat pain-related symptoms. They are not invasive, can be applied directly to the skin, and will not react with other pain medication. They can also last for up to eight hours. However, they are almost exclusively found in Australia. If you are not from that particular country it could cost more to ship the product than to buy a similar product from a local drug store. People with sensitive skin might want to opt for a product that does not stick directly to the forehead or neck. There is no money back guarantee and, more importantly, the company does not detail a complete list of active ingredients. As a result, we would recommend that you keep looking for a more suitable product.

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