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Migraine Relief RidgeCrest Herbals Review

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This is a review of the migraine treatment product Ridgecrest Herbals Migraine Relief. The manufacturer claims it can provide relief to what experts believe are the multiple causes of migraine headaches. It is a complex formula that combines homeopathic medicines and Chinese herbs sometimes providing two ingredients for one symptom to bring relief for head pain. Continue reading to learn more about homeopathic Ridgecrest Herbals Migraine Relief.


This product contains the following ingredients

  • (Homeopathic/HPUS) Belladonna 10X
  • Bryonia 10X
  • Cyclamen Europaeum 8X
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens 6X
  • Canadensis 8X
  • Spigelia Anthelimia 8X
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Vegetable Capsule (cellulose)
  • Herbal blend 750mg/cap of the following herbs:
  1. Chinese Licorice Root
  2. Chinese Lovage root
  3. Chinese Mint herb
  4. Chinese Skullcap root
  5. Corydalis Yanhuoso root
  6. Costus rooth
  7. Dong Quai root
  8. Fragrant Angelica root
  9. Gastrodia root
  10. Ginger root
  11. Gypsum calcined
  12. Heal All herb
  13. Magnolia flower
  14. Poria fungal body
  15. Siler Root
  16. Simple-leaf Chaste Tree fruit
  17. Tangerine peel
  18. Uncaria Rhynchophylla stem

Please note this product is considered vegan and contains no animal products. It is also free of corn, gluten, soy, wheat and yeast.


This product is for persons over 12 years of age. At the very first sign of symptoms take two caps, then take two caps every 3 to 4 hours as needed. Most people experience relief within an hour and with continued use results will improve. For persons with frequent migraine headaches this product can also be taken as a preventative measure once or twice daily to stop headaches before they start.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects are not listed by the manufacturer, however, in the few negative reviews on the product one of the complaints mentioned was stomach pain.


You can purchase one bottle containing 60 capsules for $35.95 from the manufacturer. When you buy four or more of any product from the manufacturer you receive a 25% discount. Customers who spend $50 or more are eligible for free shipping.


The company notes that your satisfaction is guaranteed. The first step to a refund is to bring the bottle and receipt to the place you purchased it with a receipt for a full refund. If that does not work you are welcome to call the company and they claim they will rectify the situation if possible. The company points out that many discount internet sellers may not honor guarantees and to proceed with caution when ordering.

The majority of reviews on this product were positive with just a few complaints


This is an herbal and homeopathic remedy that can be used both as an acute treatment at the first sign of a headache or as a preventative measure. Unlike other natural remedies you do not have to take multiple pills daily to reap the benefits unless you choose to. It combines natural plant extracts with a proprietary Chinese herbal blend for maximum pain relief benefits.

This product works best when taken in addition to some lifestyle changes including avoidance of caffeine, getting enough sleep, and adding exercise to your daily routine. It may be difficult to ascertain if it is your lifestyle changes or the medication bringing you relief if you are using it for prevention. Belladonna is a controversial ingredient that many feel should only be used under supervision of a physician. It is unclear how these ingredients all work together including the many different Chinese herbs. It is concerning that the manufacturer does not list any possible side effects for this product. As a result, we would advise that you keep looking for a more suitable migraine relief product.

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Price (6 bottles)best value
Overall Rating 99.50% 85.70% 76.60% 68% 60.20%
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Quality of Ingredients Premium Good Good Average Average
Customer Satisfaction Evaluation 99.20% 84% 74% 68% 60%
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Customer Service Rating
Reorder Rate Highest Good Good Average Average
Return Policy Risk Free Risk Free Handling & Restocking Fee Risk Free Risk Free
Success Rate 99.20% 85% 69.20% 67.50% 60%

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