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Minovil Headache Formula Review

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This is a review for the Minovil Headache Formula supplement. The manufacturer of Minovil claims that their supplement effectively combats migraine headaches and associated symptoms with their special formulation of seven active ingredients which include plant extracts, minerals, enzymes, and herbs. They also claim that their product differs from other competitive market supplements because each ingredient’s effectiveness is backed by clinical research and studies. Read on to learn more about Minovil Headache Formula’s ingredients and to see if it is the right supplement choice for you.


  • Feverfew which is a medicinal herb that is often used as a fever-reducing agent. Feverfew’s active ingredient is called parthenolide and it helps regulate pressure in the brain which results from poor circulation. In clinical studies, Feverfew was also been shown to regulate mood and prevent the onset of future migraines in chronic sufferers.
  • Butterbur which is a safe and highly-studied herbal supplement that is a potent preventative agent. Butterbur contains petasin and isopetasin. Petasin reduces muscle spasms in the cranial tissue  while also relaxing the blood vessels in the brain. Isopetasin reduces inflammation in the body. Butterbur can be used in children and adults.
  • Magnesium is a vital mineral that is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps maintain muscle and nerve function while also reducing inflammation and maintaining strong bones. Many patients who suffer from migraines have low brain magnesium so a regular intake of this mineral will decrease the likelihood of reoccurring episodes.
  • Ginger is a medicinal spice that originates from Asia. Ginger is used to treat nausea and digestive problems associated with migraines.
  • Kudzu is a climbing vine that is native to Japan and areas in southeast China. It is particularly helpful in eliminating alcohol from the body in alcohol-sensitive migraine patients.
  • Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is particularly helpful in reducing pain associated with stress. This vitamin is easy to absorb and play a very important role in energy production. Recent studies suggest that Riboflavin can reduce the occurrence of migraine headaches by half for chronic sufferers.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a safe and natural compound that is used in the body to produce energy. CoQ10 works to reduce migraines over the long term by promoting healthy blood vessel development.

Minovil does not list any other secondary or inactive ingredients.


The manufacturer of this product suggests taking two doses every day until the user sees improvements. They cite that regular changes should appear withing 2 to 6 days. In more serious or chronic cases there will be a general improvement within 2 to 4 weeks. The website does not offer any instructions regarding when to take the medication, how to space out the dosage, or if the supplement should be taken with or without a meal. Our research would suggest that there is enough active ingredient in each capsule to work in mild to moderate cases of chronic migraine sufferers. However, improvement will vary from person to person.

Possible Side Effects

Minovil cites that their product is natural and, therefore safe, for most of the general population. They do suggest consulting a primary care physician before use to make sure that Minovil is compatible with other drugs you might be taking. In rare cases, people will show symptoms of an allergic reaction and should discontinue use if migraine symptoms worsen.


A bottle of 60 capsules is $47.95 plus shipping and handling through Minovil’s website.


Minovil offers a full money back guarantee if the customer sends back the unused product within the first 60 days. This would suggest that the manufacturers are confident that their product works. This product’s website does not feature any customer reviews.


Minovil seems like a middle of the road choice for migraine sufferers who are looking for natural pain relief. They are full of active ingredients that are known to combat headache symptoms and they offer a full money back guarantee. This product is semi-expensive compared to other products on the market. The research they cite on their website would apply to any supplement that uses the same active ingredients. It also takes a few days to work and would have to be folded into a larger pain management plan. As a result, we’d advise you keep looking for a more suitable product for migraine relief.

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