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NATRX Migraine Support Review

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This is a review of Migraine Support which is produced by Natrx. Migraine Support claims to provide relief from the painful side effects of migraines as well as work as a preventative medicine. Read on to find out if Migraine Support is right for you and your symptoms.


The ingredients in Migraine Support do not contain sugar, gluten or wheat and claim to be suitable both for diabetics, and vegetarians. There are only two active ingredients in Migraine Support:

  • feverfew powder (570 mg)
  • butterbur extract (75 mg)

Feverfew is a very common natural treatment for the prevention of migraines. This particular product contains only about half of the average dose of feverfew per capsule in comparable products.

Butterbur is another herb that is common used for pain and migraine headaches. Butterbur contains chemicals that might relieve spasms and decrease inflammation.


The instructions for Migraine Support state that you should take one or two capsules twice daily. This dosage is higher than others because each capsule contains only half of the feverfew usually contained in comparable products.

Possible Side Effects

Some butterbur products may contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) which is a major safety concern because they can damage the liver, lungs and blood ciruclation as well as cause cancer. Pyrrolizidne alkaloid free products are safe to take for up to 16 weeks in adults. If the product is free of PAs then it is usually well tolerated but it can cause the following side effects:

  • headache
  • itchy eyes
  • diarrhoea
  • asthma
  • upset stomach
  • fatigue
  • drowsiness

The potential side effects of feverfew are:

  • upset stomach
  • heartburn
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • bloating
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • nervousness
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • tiredness
  • menstrual changes
  • pounding heart
  • rash

Both butterbur and feverfew may cause allergic reactions in those who suffer from allergies to ragweed, marigolds, daisies and similar plants.

If you have liver disease, consult your doctor before taking this product because there is a concern that butterbur may make liver disease worse.

Do not take this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Butterbur contain PAs may cause birth defects and little is known regarding the effects of butterbur that does not contain PAs on expectant mothers. Feverfew may cause early contractions and miscarriages and should be kept away from those who are pregnant.


One box of Migraine Support will cost $12. NATRX is based in Cape Town, South Africa. NATRX only delivers to South Africa. It is not stated how many dosages are available in each box.


NATRX does not offer a product guarantee. You may return the product if it was not effective but you must first complete a request form. The returns policy for different South African retailers who carry the product is unknown. The comment and review section on the website is also turned off.


Migraine Support by NATRX claims to provide the natural prevention of migraines using two herbal ingredients. They are seemingly inexpensive but the dosage for Migraine Support is much higher than comparable products because each capsule contains only half of the active ingredient of normal products which means you will need to buy more product to receive the relief promised by Migraine Support.

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