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Panitrol for Migraines Review

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This is a review of Enzyme Labs Panitrol for Migraines. The manufacturer claims this natural product will alleviate chronic migraine pain in over 90% of customers after just 21 days. Migraine sufferers whose daily lives are disrupted by their migraine headaches may experience complete relief or significant reduction in symptoms in as little as 7 days.


This product is composed of five herbal extracts

  • Willow Bark – contains aspirin-like compounds called salicins that are effective yet gentle
  • Juniper – Desensitizes pain receptors and reduces chronic pain signals to the brain
  • Goldenrod – Aquaretic and diuretic so it increases blood flow and removes excess fluids without stimulating loss of electrolytes
  • Dandelion – a potassium-diuretic and rich source of vitamins
  • Meadowsweet – contains compounds similar to aspirin that provide gentle, long-lasting pain relief. Also contains anti-inflammatory phytochemicals


Panitrol is an herbal dietary supplement that should be taken twice daily for maximum effect. It is to be taken daily as a preventative measure.

Possible Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Panitrol or its listed ingredients, neither are there any known adverse interactions with other drugs or food. The manufacturers claim this product is a viable natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.


The price of this product on the manufacturer’s website is $59.97 for 60 caplets. This is approximately a 30 day supply. Promotions are offered for a free one month trial of this product. You can also sign up for an auto-ship program and pay only $39.97/month.


Enzyme Labs Panitrol for Migraines is guaranteed 100% with a 60 day risk-free trial. If you’ve signed up for the auto-ship program you cancel anytime. You are guaranteed your money back by calling the manufacturer, obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization Number and mailing in your merchandise within 30 days of your refund request.


Enzyme Labs Panitrol XL for Migraines is an herbal dietary supplement and is a natural option for migraine sufferers to use in lieu of pharmaceuticals. In a clinical study performed by Fenestra it was shown to significantly relieve 93.9% of migraines within 60 minutes. One of the main ingredients, willow bark, has the same ability to inhibit prostaglandins as OTC drugs, however, unlike OTC drugs it only regulates this chemical as opposed to killing. Therefore, you don’t experience a circle of pain in which your body reacts by creating too many prostaglandins. Furthermore, it is gentler on your stomach than aspirin or other pain relievers.

There are few concerns about this product. The dosage information is unclear. It appears that ideally you should take two a day as a dietary supplement and within 21 days you should see your symptoms decrease. The clinical studies quoted, however, describe symptoms disappearing within an hour or less, but do not state at what dosage. Additionally, there is a lack of customer reviews making it difficult to gauge whether this product truly has worked for others or not. It is also an expensive product. Due to all of this, we recommend that you keep looking for a more suitable migraine relief product.

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Return Policy Risk Free Risk Free Handling & Restocking Fee Risk Free Risk Free
Success Rate 99.20% 85% 69.20% 67.50% 60%

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