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Sinol-M Hungary Ltd’s All Natural Nasal Spray Review

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This is a review for Sinol Hungary Ltd.’s All Natural Nasal Spray. The manufacturer claims that their product will reduce headache symptoms if used on the early into the onset of a migraine headache. They also claim that it can be used to alleviate menstrual pain, sinus pressure and tension headaches. Read on to learn more about Sinol-M Hungary Nasal Spray’s ingredients and to see if it is the right treatment option for you.


Sinol-M nasal spray contains a mixture of natural ingredients including the active ingredient capsicum which is the extract from a chili pepper plant. It is proven to be effective in providing relief from allergy symptoms, sinus congestion, and headaches. Capsicum is different from other homeopathic products in a few key ways. Most important to this treatment, its chemical structure interacts and confuses pain receptors in the brain. This means that when capsicum is administered properly, your brain literally loses the ability to read or process pain signals being sent to the brain.

Sinol-M only lists capsicum as its main active ingredient. With secondary research we were unable to find the other secondary ingredients that would convert the capsicum extract into a usable nasal spray.


Sinol-M nasal spray can be used liberally. It can be sprayed through the nose up to 12 times a day. If the user wants to see a relief in allergy symptoms the manufacturers suggests, a minimum, using their spray three times a day.

If you are using Sinol-M to treat chronic pain, regular symptom relief can take a few weeks.

Possible Side Effects

Sinol-M nasal spray does not list any significant side effects. However, spraying any treatment into your nasal cavity runs the risk of affecting the user’s sense of smell. Potential customers should consult their primary care giver before trying Sinol-M.


One 15 ml bottle retails for approximately $12.00 in online stores.


Sinol-M nasal spray does not come with a money back guarantee. Secondary to their lack of guarantee, their company does not have a public statement regarding their policies pertaining to damaged or missing products.


Sinol-M uses an active ingredient that is scientifically proven to treat sinus pressure and headache related symptoms.  Nasal spray is an effective way to deliver medication straight to the source of chronic migraines. This product is also reasonably priced. However, this product is not well researched and the company is not transparent in regards to the product’s ingredients. In fact, there must be secondary ingredients included simply to convert their active ingredient into a nasal cavity spray. It is not manufactured in a GMP approved facility. There is no money back guarantee which would seem to suggest that the manufacturers are not confident in their product’s effectiveness. Most importantly, secondary research on chili pepper extract seems to suggest that prolonged use of this product could cause permanent damage to the nasal cavity. This could lead to damaged tissues and a lowered ability to taste or smell. As a result, we suggest that you continue looking for a more suitable migraine relief supplement.

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